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General Information

Passport: You need a passport when you fly or drive from the USA (

Weather: May and June : 60 to 75 F. July and August : 70 to 80 F. September and October : 30 to 50 F. We open mid May after ice out.

Insect repellent: You need insect repellent in June. After this period it's not bad.

Licences: We sell fishing and hunting licences at our office, located at the base.

Shopping: You can buy fishing lures, beer, liquor and groceries 7 days a week, here in town.

Mont-Laurier: Larger Food Stores

I.G.A Boul Paquette, also have Beer & Wine.819-623-3200   (Beer in cans please)

another is Metro located in Paquette ( Mall) Food Beer & Wine. 819-623-6984

How to find us: You drive to our main base in Ste-Anne-du-Lac, 3 hours paved road from Montreal, Highway 15 north, turn to road 309 north in Mont-Laurier or 2 1/2 hours drive paved road from Ottawa, road 416 north to Ottawa, 417 east till 174 east towards Cumberland. If you want to fly the closest large airports are Montreal and Ottawa. We have, here at the base, a 2 500 ft. grass strip : Latitude : 46 degree 52' 93", Longitude : 75 degree 21' 21".

Best Way Threw Ottawa, believe me! After the 416 North take 417 east Queensway to 174 East towards Cumberland, about 15 km east of Ottawa on the 174 east you will see Ferry sign and Gas Station on Right, turn left Ferry runs 24 hours a day, costs per car $8.00 can. Takes you on a 5 minute ride to the Quebec side continue till the sign for the 50 east towards Montréal, drive till exit 174 turn left 309 north towards Mont-Laurier, drive to the end of the 309 North 2 or 2 1/2 hrs from Ottawa to Ste Anne Du Lac.

Where to stay the night before:

In Mont-Laurier: motels are 30 miles from Ste-Anne-du-Lac :

Motel L'Etape, 800-943-0024 or 819-623-2400 ($79 or $66)

Comfort Inn 888-355-6465 or 819-623-6465 ($110)

Quality Inn (Motel Senateur) 800-346-3557 or 819-623-3555 ($110)

In Ste-Anne-du-Lac (two minutes from our Base)

Motel Relais du Touriste, 819-586-2020,  contact persons, Steve & Manon. Price Monday to Thursday $85. or $110. Friday to Sunday is $95. or $125. can taxes included for 2 persons, few rooms with fridge, tv & coffee pots. You have to register in the restaurant for the motel room, first stop on your right when you drive in to Ste-Anne-Du-Lac.You can also call us 866-586-2220.


Our Equipment

Cabins: Each cabin is equipped with propane stove and oven, fridge with freezer compartment, propane lights or solar panelled lights. Most have running water, hot shower toilet & swivel boat seats. All the cabins have cooking utensils, pots and pans. Our cabins are built for groups of 8 to 12 persons. We respect your privacy ; nobody else will share your cabin, even if you are a party of two. BBQ grills at most Camps.

Boats: Our boats are 14 ft. Lunds or Princecraft with8 h.p. Mercury motors.



Non-residents fishing licences Canadian currency:  Year $ 68.00, 7 days $46.00,    3 days $30.00, one day $15.00, conservation (no kill) $30.00.

Limit: 6 Walleyes - 8 Pikes - 10 or 6 Speckled Trout - 2 Lake Trout (grey), at all times.

Guide: Available at $ 170 Can  a day.

Fishing gear:

    Walleye: A light rod and reel. Back trolling or drifting with various styles of Jigs. Usually a light steal leader spinner is recommended, any color jig (Twister Tail) can be tried with chartreuse, orange, white, yellow and pink being the favorites. Weight of 1/4 to 3/8 oz. are suggested. For the line, 8 to 10 lb test (new) will be sufficient.

    Pike: Steel leader of 9 to 12 inches is a must. Spoons are the most common bait, such as the 3 inch Dare Devil. Pike will also strike on most Bass plugs, rattle-traps or Mepps Spinners.

    Speckled trout: Spinning rod light or medium action, fly rod and reel. Spoon William wobbler, 18 inches of leader and a fat worm. Toronto Wabbler 2 1/2", Sutton 44, Mepps 2 to 5. Don't forget your worms ; about 15 a day for each person. Flys : Muddler minnow, Delta, Dy fly, Nymphe.

    Lake trout (grey): Spinning rod action medium or heavy, Spincast rods, fly rod or trolling rod. Reel : Spinning spincats trolling. Fishing line : 10 to 12 lb. Wobbler spoon and minnow lures, Williams Whitefish, Williams Flasher, Sutton Silver, Toronto Wobbler, Rapala.

Catch and release tips: Use barbless hooks, or on your present hooks, press the barb flat against the shank with a sturdy set of pliers. Avoid using baits with multiple gangs of hooks. Cut the line on deeply imbedded hooks. Get the fish back into the water as quickly as possible with a minimum of handling. Keep your camera handy for that quick snapshot of your trophy. Remember that, in the water, the bodies of large fish are supported by the weight of the water on all sides.



Canadian firearms center   Forms CAFC 909 or 910   telephone 1800-731-4000

Most popular calibers are 30-06, 270, 300, magnum, no pistols, no muzzle loader. You have to register your firearm at the Canadian border when you enter Canada N/C. You can bring back meat, fur and antlers we give you the proper form N/C.

Guide: $ 1400 CAN for the 7 days hunt.

Small Game: You can hunt small game (grouse, partridge, hare) during Moose season. License is $ 95.00 CAN

Moose: Non-resident Moose License is $490. CAN The limit regulation in Quebec, is 2 hunters, 2 hunting licences (tags) for 1 moose (male or cow). Season: mid-september to mid-October. Success rate is 70% to 80%,for the last 5 years. Each group has a private territory, cabin, boat, motor and gas, canoe and few lakes to hunt. All hunters and individuals accompanying a hunter must wear a fluorescent, orange-coloured safety vest covering the back, shoulder and chest.

Spring Black Bear hunt: From May 15th to June 30th. Non-resident Bear hunting licence is $ 190.00 CAN, one bear per hunter, success rate is 90%. Semi-guided hunt, private territory and cabin, pre-baited active site, tree-stand, package included fishing as well as hunting.

Topo-Maps: Moselle territory: 31-0/5, 31-0/6, 31-0/12 — Sauterelle territory: 31-0/15



Because of our changing times and the respect of privacy of our many repeat Clients, we no longer list numbers.

You may call us if you would like a reference in your area. Thank you!


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